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Hi flist

I know I've been largely absent for the last few weeks.  Sorry, *blushes*  I've just been so brain dead after work that I really cannot come up with anything vaguely intelligent/interesting to say here, lol.  :P

I'm thinking of booking a trip to France (for about 2 weeks or so) in end of December-January.  Can anyone recommend any good places to book cheap flights and tours? I'm ok for the flight i think, I just need tour info.  There's so many tours offered everywhere it's so hard to tell what's a good site and what's a dud.   I'm interested in food and wine tours, general touristy attactions, and most importantly, castles!! :) 

I'm thinking at the moment it's going to be Paris, the Loire Valley and however many of the towns in southern France as I can fit in.  :) 

I found this site "InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide" http://www.infohub.com  It looks promising and I love some of the tour offerings.  Has anyone heard/used it before?  Are the tours from there generally any good? 

I'd really appreciate whatever recommendations/tips you have about touring France!  I'm thinking maybe just book the flights and accommodation in the cities I want to visit, and then figure out what to do and where to go when I get there.  The hotels should have info on good local tours right? 

Also, OMG *SQUEEEEE* FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Merry Christmas flist!!! :D



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