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inspiration .... like dreams ... always slipping away

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Birthdate:Jun 15

semi-friends only

Feel free to friend me.

Please COMMENT on my Journal if you do add me.

You MUST Comment somewhere on my journal. If you don't comment, I will not add you back.

If you comment, and we have at least 1 thing in common,
I'll probably add you back.

I Am:

... Rather mysterious, ~ another way of saying I constantly change my mind and can't even predict what I am normally like, lol ~ The one constant is the fact that I love to read and fiddle around with art and graphics :)
... A dabler ... I like to dable in many things. Drawing, painting, graphic designing, writing, etc you get the picture. lol :P

I Believe:

... Red is Always In !!! I love love love love the colour red. hehehehe ... get the picture yet?
... Black is cool and sophisticated, *and endlessly flattering*
... Purple is the new black, *except my skin colour does not allow me to wear purple well*
... There is nothing better than curling up with a good book on a cold and rainy afternoon.
... Procrastination should be a sport

I Love:

... Pets: German Shepherds -> My beautiful Alsatian 'Sasha' is the cutest dog alive

... Author: Jennifer Fallon - Hythrun Chronicles, Secons Sons Trilogy, Tide Lord Chronicles
... Author: Laurell K Hamilton - Anita Blake Series, Meredith Gentry Series
... Author: Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Series
... Author: Tamora Pierce - all the series' set in Tortall
... Author: J D Robb - the In Death series
... Author: Anne Bishop - the Black Jewels series! ... warning: not for the fainthearted or squeamish

... Fiction Genres: horror, mystery, fantasy: vampire, werewolves, witches, faerie, and magic

... Films: Action Movies! - GODFATHER (I-III)!!! Lethal Weapon (I-IV), Die Hard (I, III, & IV), Heat, Ronin, (basically almost anything with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro) ... Ocean's Eleven& Twelve& Thirteen.

... TV: way too many to list -> Boston Legal, Stargate, Farscape, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Law and Order SVU, NCIS, ...

I Maintain:

[community profile] castle_villainy - a community for all those who love villains of all shapes and sizes

[community profile] the_unseelie - my personal art&fiction community

I Credit:

... The layout of my journal is modified from a lovely layout provided by [personal profile] boo
The Photoshop brushes used in the images on my journal come from ObsidianDawn
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