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So, Goldenlake's   SMACKDOWN writing competition is here again for 2011 :)

Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th March

Fight A: Arena One
Dom/Evin v Zahir/Jonathan
I'm going to have to write for Zahir/Jon here, as Dom/Evin really doesn't do much for me. Plus there's the more important reason of [ profile] ubiquitous_girl .

I've never written J/Z before, and quite frankly didn't know where to start. It's definitely not a pairing I'm familiar with. But armed with a brand spanking new purrty writing journal and shiny purple pens, I successfully bribed my muse into co-operating with me. I'm on a J/Z roll.

Although, I've only written Jon's internal monologue so far. I deed to switch scenes and start writing some dialogue & action! *wiggles eyebrows* I have to say though. I thoroughly love torturing Jon. :) bwahahaha.
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I would like to blame [ profile] treanz for the fact that I now have an R rated sms inbox on my phone.

One Sentence Week is looking like it's going to have to be held on [ profile] goldenlakeadult from the looks of the George/Jon and George/Jon/Alanna smut she was texting me. :P 

On a side note, I'm really loving George/Jon/Alanna right now! :) 
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Title: Every Woman (has her secrets)
Rating: PG
For: Goldenlake - Secrets & Lies Week
Art Type: Wallpaper
Medium: Digital art, photoshop
A/N: I've been watching 'The Tudors lately ... (blame [info]treanz). And this struck me as perfect for Secrets & Lies Week. I like to think this is Delia, but it really could be anyone you like :)

View full version Here @ The Unseelie
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Title: The 12 Dancing Pages
Rating: G
Written For: Goldenlake, the Fairytale Challenge
Fairytale/Nursery Rhyme adapted: The 12 Dancing Princesses
Summary: King Roald has a dilema, the 12 pages, Jon included, keep turning up every morning with worn out shoes, and absolutely no energy. Is this just pages being pages, or something more sinister? So the King enlists some help.
Notes: I loved this fairytale as a kid. :D I hope the switch between narrative voice and normal action/dialogue works alright.


Once upon a time, in a far away land, King Roald had twelve pages in his palace, training to be Knights of Tortall; each one stronger and more able than the next. Year after year, many pages came and left the palace in Corus; there wasn’t usually anything out of the ordinary. But this year, these twelve particular pages caused the King a lot of worry.

One of the pages was Prince Jonathan, his one and only heir. ...  )
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This is a collection of Tamora Pierce one sentence fics I wrote for One Sentence Week over on Goldenlake. I appologise in advance for the dodgy run-on sentences. 
Read these fics Here @ the_unseelie

Title: George the Rogue I - 'Knife'  G - AU: George the Rogue & King Roger  )
Title: George the Rogue II - 'Failure'  G - AU: George the Rogue&King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue III - 'Queen'  G - AU: George the Rogue & King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue IV - 'Joy'  G - George the Rogue & King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue V - Lesson  G - AU: George the Rogue, & King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue VI - Thrill  G - AU: George the Rogue & King Roger )
Title: Bittersweet  G - AU: King Roger  )
Title: There's dust in my hair!  G - Numair&Daine )
Title: So what  G - Daine & Cloud (mentions Numair) )
Title: Oops,  PG-13 - Jon/Thayet/Alanna/George, Numair  )
Title: It's a Fertility Ritual, Honest!  PG-13 - Jon/Thayet/Alanna/George, Numair&Daine )
Title: Strength  PG - Kel/Wyldon )
Title: Curious Kitten  G - Kitten meets a panda )
Title: Who wants to fly anyway?  G - Kitten  )
Title: Exuberance vs Tolerance  G - Cloud & Kitten  )
Title: Wyverns go away!  G - Kitten battles wyverns  )

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You should definitely pop over and join the fun at Goldenlake.

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