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Just giving you all a heads up.  I've created a new community.  Not officially opened yet, but it's close, I just need to come up with some more images and icons.  It's called [community profile] castle_villainy.  It's a place for all those who loves/adores/worships the villains of most fiction stories.  Be it in films, TV, or books, if it's always the baddies that you like, then this is the community for you.  It could be rogues, evil kings/queens, vampires, or serial killers,villains of all shapes and sizes are welcome. 

Please check it out, and join if you like it.  I'd wellcome any suggestions. 

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I forgot to mention, Here I Am on dreamwidth. 

I'll be cross-posting from dw to lj, for just about everything.  If you're on dreamwidth too, feel free to add me. 

But the two journals will be practically identical.  As you will see, I've even figured out how to make my journal layout the same, teehee. 

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Testing my new Dreamwidth account, and cross-posting to LJ.

Thanks to [personal profile] choco_dreamer  and [personal profile] draigwen  for the invite!

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Finally settled on a new look for my journal :)

I love my new background.  The brushes come from ObsidianDawn.  What do you think of the new look?

I'm still fiddling with the CSS code, coz I'm not happy with how far down the page the comment box is. 

And I need a new header image.  so... more photoshop! hehehe. 

Also, check out the new header image on my art & fiction community [livejournal.com profile] the_unseelie .  

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I'm restructuring this journal over the next week or so.  So please bear with me in the meantime, the layout might change significantly. 

I'm moving my finished art, graphics and fiction over to my new community [livejournal.com profile] the_unseelie .  Please pop over and join.  Future finished (random) art and maybe fiction stuff will all be posted there.  It's where I'm running with my Unseelie (dark court) theme.  ... So the community will mostly for my darker side of my inspiration, teehehe. 

I'm wanting to keep my personal journal to mostly friend-related stuff, some works in progress, and clean of junk and ... well, less dark, hehe. 

Stay tuned for more progress reports. 
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here's some more Dexter stuff I whipped up.  I, like [personal profile] choco_dreamer  have a whole bunch of assignments and deadlines to complete. 

So I am going to exercise extreme willpower and stay off LJ for a few weeks ...

... or at least, no more posting.  May check on my flist a few times though ...

So, I'll see u all again in a week or two

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wheee, finally figured out where to get a new image for my journal header and stuff.  i want to change a few more things on the theme, but can't quite figure out the CSS code thing yet.  I'm not nearly brave enough to start a CSS code for my journal completely from scratch, hehehe.   I can't seem to manage to change the size of the text in my header .... poo.

oh well, i'm happy enough with it.  let me know if you find it especially hard to read or follow or something ...
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Whoopy! I've finally got the bio design on my profile to the way I wanted it!  Check it out ... it was very fiddly.  I might have to change a few of the moons to crescents ... but just can't be bothered at the moment.


Mar. 24th, 2009 11:13 pm
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Whoohoo! I now have a bio on my profile page ! check it out.  I'm still working on the layout. 
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Once again, I am not working, or studying, or doing my presentation research.  *looks slightly sheepish* 

Instead, I'm mucking around with my new Profile Pic!!!!  I just finished the pic you can see as my profile pic at the moment.  What do you think? 

I'm not sure if I should have a crimson moon, or a softer white or light lavender coloured moon. 

Any suggestions?


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