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GRAND OPENING!!! of The King's Own

The King's Own is a brand new TamoraPierce fanfiction archive.  @ www.thekingsown.org

Well, what's so great about this one? You ask?

Well, unlike some other sites which I shall not name, *cough*fanfiction.net*cough* The King's Own was created (and will be maintained) by fellow Tammy fanfiction writers, for fanfiction writers.

What else is so great about it?
  • The site features are attractive, simple, and easy to use.
  • The usual abilities to add: Customisable Author Bios, Favourite Authors and Stories, Reviews, Respond to Reviews, Series, Multiple Chapters, and be able to opt in or out of notifications/alerts.
  • Stories are categorised into Tortall, Emelan, Provost's Dog, and Crossovers.  You can Select More Than 1 Category for your story.
  • Within each story category, there is an extremely comprehensive list of characters (compiled by Tammy fans) to highlight your fic for others to search by.  You can Select As Many Characters As You Like for your story.
  • You can further classify your fic by: Genre (e.g. Romance, Humour, Angst), Ship type (e.g. Slash, Het, Gen), and even by Challenge (e.g. Piercefic 08, Peculiar Pairings Ficathon, Malorie’s Peak Prompts [these are Goldenlake challenges]).
  • There is also a list of warnings for you to choose from if needed (e.g. character death, squick).
  • Comprehensive Search function - you can search by categories, challenge, characters, ratings, genre, series, ship types, titles, and authors

So what are you waiting for? Come of over to http://www.thekingsown.org and check it out!!!

We've already got over 100 stories in the first 13hours of opening!!!
Come join the fun and Tell your Friends


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