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Title: The old and the new
Rating: PG
Fanfic for: Tamora Pierce - Tortall
Series: A Rogue by any other name ...
Prompt: #1 (Pink ribbon scars that never forget) from [livejournal.com profile] 31_days 
Summary: George gets a new scar to match an old one. 
A/N: Let's just pretend I posted this yesterday??? [i]*shifty eyes*[/i]
here @ [livejournal.com profile] the_unseelie

George fingered the scars on his arm as he carefully cleaned his knives. Two jagged ribbons ran up his left forearm and around his triceps. They were barely a month old, still pink and puckered.  )
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Title: Walking higher, but still in shadows
Rating: G
Fanfic for: Tamora Pierce - Tortall
Series: A Rogue by any other name ...
Prompt: #2 (Walking on higher ground) from [livejournal.com profile] 31_days 
Summary: George reflects on his new life as a Baron.
A/N: It simply had to be about George. :)
here @ [livejournal.com profile] the_unseelie 

He was a Baron now. He walked among the high and the mighty, the noble and the elite. People looked at him with respect and deference in their eyes. He was one of them. Or so it would seem. )
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I'm finally working on my original story again :) I'm half tempted to turn it into a novel length story. It will be based from this short story I wrote back in high school. I've figured out where my villain is going to come from. Now to pick a protagonist ... and a city ... Anyone got a good suggestion for where they think a modern day vampire story should be set?

I'm hoping writing my original story again will also lead me to writing more fanfiction. Just in time for TORTALL FANFICTION SMACKDOWN (the fanfic battle for Kel's hand) being held in Goldenlake.

I should also finish my Kel/Wyldon/Vivenne fic Currious Arrangement at some point :P
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Title: Curious Arrangement
Rating: PG13[US] or M[Aust]
Summary: Lady Vivenne realises Lord Wyldon and Kel have deep feelings for each other that they would never act on. So she proposes a curious arrangement, that surprises everyone.
A/N: Written for Goldenlake. Thanks to the wonderful [info]q_sama for betaing ;D, and the other girls (you know who you are) for help and suggestions ;D. This fic turned out longer than I thought, so the first chapter doesn't actually have Wyldon in it :P. He's coming though :)
This fic is housed over at the_unseelie


Chapter 1

“Impressive isn’t it?” A cool voice spoke from behind Kel. Startled, she fumbled the heavy tome as she spun around, reaching for a sword that wasn’t there. Seeing the Lady Vivenne of Cavall standing in the doorway, Kel relaxed. She suddenly felt quite silly, reaching for her sword in Lord Wyldon’s library at Cavall, where she’s been invited for a holiday.  )
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I wrote some Alanna/George fluff! It was about time I got back to my original favourite couple :) Housed over at the_unseelie

Title: I love winter
Rating (and Warnings): MA[Aust] or R[US]
Written for: Goldenlake Advent Calendar Prompt #1 - Winter
Summary: George has fun telling Alanna why he loves winter.
Notes: I was just thinking that I needed to get back to writing about my first favourite Tortall couple, when this came to me in the shower. :)

( “I love winter,” George muttered as he laid another kiss on his wife’s beautiful bare skin. His hand caressed her thigh. )
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I think I know why my Kel/Wyldon/Vivenne fic isn't getting anywhere.  The whole 1 man & many wifes/girlfriends thing kinda bugs me.  Just to be completely contrary and hypocritical, I have no problem with the 1 woman & many husbands/boyfriends deal :P  hmmm... anywho, moving on ... :P

I actually quite like the K/W/V trio, and I can see the ending with the trio living (and doing other things) together happily... but I just can's seem to see how to make them get there, without seeming to be out of character.  I've got bits and pieces floating around in my head but no idea how to fit them all together.  It just doesn't click.  It's like putting together a puzzle with one of the pieces missing: endlessly annoying and extremely frustrating.  You're so close, yet so far.  I just need to find that missing ... something ... and finally get all the other bits and pieces of the fic to click!  But my reflexive "wtf..." reaction to one man with many women is getting in the way.   I don't know if I'm good enough at writing this trio to pull it off. :S

Ahh well, maybe now that I've figured out why I'm stuck on this fic, I can get past it.  Hopefully soon!

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Title: The 12 Dancing Pages
Rating: G
Written For: Goldenlake, the Fairytale Challenge
Fairytale/Nursery Rhyme adapted: The 12 Dancing Princesses
Summary: King Roald has a dilema, the 12 pages, Jon included, keep turning up every morning with worn out shoes, and absolutely no energy. Is this just pages being pages, or something more sinister? So the King enlists some help.
Notes: I loved this fairytale as a kid. :D I hope the switch between narrative voice and normal action/dialogue works alright.


Once upon a time, in a far away land, King Roald had twelve pages in his palace, training to be Knights of Tortall; each one stronger and more able than the next. Year after year, many pages came and left the palace in Corus; there wasn’t usually anything out of the ordinary. But this year, these twelve particular pages caused the King a lot of worry.

One of the pages was Prince Jonathan, his one and only heir. ...  )
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This is a collection of Tamora Pierce one sentence fics I wrote for One Sentence Week over on Goldenlake. I appologise in advance for the dodgy run-on sentences. 
Read these fics Here @ the_unseelie

Title: George the Rogue I - 'Knife'  G - AU: George the Rogue & King Roger  )
Title: George the Rogue II - 'Failure'  G - AU: George the Rogue&King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue III - 'Queen'  G - AU: George the Rogue & King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue IV - 'Joy'  G - George the Rogue & King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue V - Lesson  G - AU: George the Rogue, & King Roger )
Title: George the Rogue VI - Thrill  G - AU: George the Rogue & King Roger )
Title: Bittersweet  G - AU: King Roger  )
Title: There's dust in my hair!  G - Numair&Daine )
Title: So what  G - Daine & Cloud (mentions Numair) )
Title: Oops,  PG-13 - Jon/Thayet/Alanna/George, Numair  )
Title: It's a Fertility Ritual, Honest!  PG-13 - Jon/Thayet/Alanna/George, Numair&Daine )
Title: Strength  PG - Kel/Wyldon )
Title: Curious Kitten  G - Kitten meets a panda )
Title: Who wants to fly anyway?  G - Kitten  )
Title: Exuberance vs Tolerance  G - Cloud & Kitten  )
Title: Wyverns go away!  G - Kitten battles wyverns  )

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Title: Two Sides Of A Coin
Rating: G
Prompt: #9 - Two of a Kind
Summary: Written for the Malory's Peak Prompts at Goldenlake.  The pairing's kinda obvious at the end (for people who read tammy pierce). And also kinda written for [personal profile] katty , as got inspired right after I talked to her.
Fandom: Tamora Pierce

... ... ... ... ... ...

His Gift was powerful, capable of extraordinary things. So was hers.

He was strong and confident. Her strength matched his.

He was an artist with a sword. She was his equal...
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Title: Weiryn's antlers
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1012 words
Category: Tamora Pierce fanfic - Tortall verse
Summary: Numair is inexplicably drawn to (and by) Weiryn, leading to a fateful Beltane night. Or does it? ;)
Author's note: Written for the Peculiar Paring Ficathon on Goldenlake. I just realised this is my first slash. I'd imagined this fic differently at first, but it somehow turned out this way. Not quite sure how or why. But I guess I'll stick to it.


It started in the Divine Realms. The first time Numair laid eyes on him was a moment he’d never forget. He’d clung to Daine during the fight with the Skinners, and felt a great force pulling him through. It left him feeling rather humbled. Rationally, he always knew that there were greater powers than his own out there; but knowing it and feeling it are two entirely different things.

When he woke in the Divine Realms, the first thing he saw was a great big set of antlers, crowning a muscular man towering over him. Power clung to the big antlered man like a second skin. Numair knew he was in the presence of a God. And it excited him.

( Even though he'd been so worried about Daine in the Divine Realms, he couldn't forget the effect Weiryn had on him... )
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Title: They called me the Piper
Rating: Australian MA15+ (erring on the side of caution, probably not safe for people under 15)
Length: 1314 words
Type: Tamora Pierce fanfic (Tortal verse)
Summary: Rispah gets a seductive late night visit from a mysterious ghostly presence
Author's Notes: Written for the Peculiar Pairings Ficathon competition on Goldenlake


A chill wind kissed the back of Rispah’s neck. She glared at the windows as she shivered. A different sort of chill ran through her as she saw that the shutters were closed tight. He was here again.

She put down her quill and squeezed her eyes shut. No. This can’t be happening. Every other night, since the last full moon, he had come. He always came at the exact same time. If she glanced out the window, she’d see the moon, fat and round, at the highest point in the Corus sky. A cold finger caressed her cheek. She could feel his smile on the back of her neck.

The first night he came, she’d made a right fool of herself...

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I just wrote my first fanfic!!! *instead of studying for exams ... but shhh* 
It's in the Tamora Pierce fandom (the Tortall universe).  If you don't read Tamora Pierce, you definitely should!  Her website is here.
PS, It's actually posted on my art & fiction community on lj, so that's where the cut/link leads.

Title: Not Just a Pesky Little Cult

Summary: Alanna is angry after receiving orders from Jonathan to deal with a new cult; the Cult of Twilight. Jon insists it is not merely a 'pesky little cult'; that it is a serious threat to him his kingdom.
Rating: PG - I'm not sure, so I decided to err on the side of caution.
Fandom: Tamora Pierce - Tortall universe
Disclaimer: All characters and places refered to in this story belong to Tamora Pierce.
Author's Notes: I got sick of all the Twilight hype everywhere and just had to write something. *In the middle of my Legal Profession lecture no less* :P If you are a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight franchise, don't worry, I'm just having a little fun. ;D Thanks to Isha for betaing ;D Also, this is my first real tammy fanfic, so Yay!


"Jon, this is absurd." Alanna charged into the King's study and slammed the door. "You want me to take care of a pesky little cult?" she waved the piece of parchment under his nose.

"It is not a ‘pesky little cult,’ as you call it." Jon stood up from behind his desk and looked down at his Champion. "This new cult, the cult of Twilight, is rapidly becoming a menacing threat to Tortall."

Read More ... (Totally fake cut to my art & fiction community ...)


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