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So, Goldenlake's   SMACKDOWN writing competition is here again for 2011 :)

Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th March

Fight A: Arena One
Dom/Evin v Zahir/Jonathan
I'm going to have to write for Zahir/Jon here, as Dom/Evin really doesn't do much for me. Plus there's the more important reason of [ profile] ubiquitous_girl .

I've never written J/Z before, and quite frankly didn't know where to start. It's definitely not a pairing I'm familiar with. But armed with a brand spanking new purrty writing journal and shiny purple pens, I successfully bribed my muse into co-operating with me. I'm on a J/Z roll.

Although, I've only written Jon's internal monologue so far. I deed to switch scenes and start writing some dialogue & action! *wiggles eyebrows* I have to say though. I thoroughly love torturing Jon. :) bwahahaha.

Fight B: Arena Two
Rosethorn/Lark v Thayet/Buri
I'm not sure if I'm going to write for either one of these two yet. But I'm very much loving R/L's team name - Team Disipline. :) hehe. Maybe If they get through I'll write for them in the next round.

Thayet/Buri would be fun, but nothing I'm terribly excited about.

Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th March

Fight C: Arena One
Kalasin/Wyldon v Maura/Kel
Part of me wants Wyldon to get past first round, but I really don't know how to make Kalasin& Wyldon work as a pairing. All I'm coming up with is unrequited love, which is good to a point, but ... I kinda want more.

I'm more or less ambivalent about Maura/Kel

Fight D: Arena Two
Mattes/Clary v Aly/Taybur
Mattes/Clary OMG *flail* :D So dying to try my hand at this pairing. I'll need to get a few tips from [ profile] pineappleyness *plots*

It just sucks that my CA assignment is due on the 21st :S eep. Maybe I can *cough*con*cough* err, persuade [ profile] treanz into extending it? :P

Tuesday 29th March to Sunday 3rd April

Fight E: Arena One
Raoul/Gary v Neal/Owen
Raoul/Gary FTW! :) Enough said.

Fight F: Arena Two
Kel/Jonathan v Rosethorn/Crane
Kel/Jon has many possibilities, but I'm not quite as passionate about it as some others I could name. :P

Tuesday 5th to Sunday 10th April

Fight G: Arena One
Raoul/Sabine v Roger/Alanna
I am soooooo TORN about this fight! I LOVE the twisted and dark fic that can come from a Roger/Alanna pairing. I really wanna see if I can pull off evil!Alanna :) teehehehe. It would be Hot!

But at the same time I'm really warming to Raoul/Sabine. It's such a star-crossed-lovers, doomed by fate kinda deal. What to do, what to do??? :S

Fight H: Arena Two
Tris/Briar/Sandry/Daja v Delia/Josianne
Hmm, I have not a single clue about these characters. Besides, I'll still be too busy trying to decide what to do about Fight G.


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