Mar. 30th, 2011

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If we're talking the classic greek/roman myths, then it's gotta be Hades/Persephone :)  I love, love, love that story. It's a pairing that has endless tortured/angsty possibilities :D  yum.  :)  hehehe.

But in terms of an actual creature, while I'm a fan of anything that goes bump in the night, the prize has to go to Dragons.  
Chinese dragons (wingless serpentine-like creatures who fly) have more sentimental value for me.  These creatures bring good luck, good fortune and auspiciousness (if that's a word).  
The western Dragon (large winged creatures) are great too.  And I really dislike the stories where dragons are killed or hunted. :(   
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 It always amuses me to see the little signs that reveal a person's true character in a situation where their job requires uniformity. 
The Translink lady at the bus stop informing everyone the bus had been delayed as per usual was wearing the standard uniform of bland stripped shirt, navy pants, and fluro yellow vest.
Her nails however, had multicoloured sparkly tips. Ie a french manicure style with a different sparkly shade on each nail (blue, pink and silver I believe). The tips were about 1cm long. 
It just contrasted so much with the image she presented as just another public transport officer. I was amused. 


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